Thursday, March 5, 2009

word world and stuff

so yesterday david was not as impressed w/ word world as he originally was. i am debating putting up video of him just sitting there reading a book while they all dance and sing that "WE JUST BUILT A WORD! HOORAY! WE BUILT IT!" Wtf as if that makes sense.

oh god that reminds me!!! that fucking songs by carl or wtfever guy pissed me off yesterday! he is this guy with a guitar on pbs kids in between shows and he looks like a rejected wiggle that is not australian? OH wait i think his name is songs by steve or geetar steve i dont know. anyway. that isnt the point.

the point is that this guy usually is decent by david's standards. i give him a 6/10 on a good day. but yesterday he was singing this ridiculous song that went something like "rain rain pitter patter pitter patter" and i am looking at the television and i see... a playground with tons of shadows and really bright lights. and no water or rain to be found. i mean not to mention the obvious thing of no one even being wet!.

so i said to david "DAVID DONT LISTEN TO THE TELEVISION. there is no rain, i have no idea what the fuck that guy is singing about. he is DELUSIONAL. rain is that wet shit we showed you a week or so ago!" we did too. we took him out in the rain and just let him stand his little feets in it! it was warm enough, lol.

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