Thursday, October 30, 2008


well there's nothing douchey on pbs so david and i are watching some nova. i cannot say anything snarky about nova. he is teething. help.

Friday, October 17, 2008

barney 3

baby bop is jonesing for some snow. freaking cokehead. she's seriously pacing around the deck and tapping her foot. now she's pissed..


she's annoying me

barney again

now they are talking about eating snow that tastes like bubblegum.

don't eat the yellow snow, guise. omg this song is disturbing.


good god. so i'm eating a burrito and david was bugging me again so i turned on pbs again. and it's barney.

baby bop feels "funny." she probably has diarrhea.

so i guess this is the super special winter episode where barney teaches the dumbasses in town about how winter works. now they are singing a song about different things that are cold. snow, ice, brr. i wish i was a bear with fur. because it rhymes with fur.

david keeps making happy noises at the tv. i hope i'm not traumatizing him.

they keep wishing for snow but i'm not sure it snows inside a studio with astroturf...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

m&m part II


the theme song was really weird and forced. it's maya. and miguel. brother and sister and blah blah rhymes with miguel.

so maya is playing with some cheerleading sluts right now. one of her friends is wearing pink lipstick and i think she's like 7. maya's voice is really annoying.

the other friend has to go home to have a Very Serious Talk with her parents. oh wow. she has to move. haha kid. and you thought you had a stable place to call home. and she has to move to HONG KONG. man her parents must hate her.

now she's hugging a parrot wtf

maya and miguel

well i'm eating some bread so that means it's time for some pbs.

the sponsor "commercials" are starting now and an unknown show is coming on. I CAN'T WAIT.

ok maya and miguel. never seen this. this should be good.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

bob part II

well the otters episode was solved rather quickly. the blue tractor was talking to some otters, which looked like squirrels, and they stepped on some fresh cement. so the cement truck (which i think was orange) came and poured more cement. that was a nail biter.

bob the builder

this weird loon with a pumpkin head and ice cream cone nose and an indecipherable accent just had a bunch of apples fall on his head. also the green steamroller crushed a bunch of apples and feels like shit about that. the bald guy with the 70s porn mustache assured the green steamroller that it's ok and he knows it's an accident.

now they've given the green steamroller the job of rolling over a bunch of apples because they were too hard. ok... it only took them 5 hours to make apple juice. good job guys.

next episode is called lofty and the otters.

bob the builder is barking out orders at his machines. he's a nazi.

the blue tractor's mouth doesn't move when he or she talks. i think the blue tractor is schizophrenic.

explanation of blog

lately my 8 month old has been extremely clingy and not letting me eat so i turned on the idiot box for him, tuned it to pbs, and i am now watching bob the builder as i eat some nachos. we don't watch tv here, prefer netflix or tv online for the few shows we do watch. this is the first time i've done this for a distraction.

i will now make short entries about what is going on in tv land