Wednesday, October 15, 2008

bob the builder

this weird loon with a pumpkin head and ice cream cone nose and an indecipherable accent just had a bunch of apples fall on his head. also the green steamroller crushed a bunch of apples and feels like shit about that. the bald guy with the 70s porn mustache assured the green steamroller that it's ok and he knows it's an accident.

now they've given the green steamroller the job of rolling over a bunch of apples because they were too hard. ok... it only took them 5 hours to make apple juice. good job guys.

next episode is called lofty and the otters.

bob the builder is barking out orders at his machines. he's a nazi.

the blue tractor's mouth doesn't move when he or she talks. i think the blue tractor is schizophrenic.

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